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It’s easy for your ego to be in charge of your relationships. The idea that you are the ‘it’ when it comes to dating and that you have the perfect partner that will make you feel good in your life. If you’re looking to meet someone special, it might seem glamorous and exciting. In no time, you’ll be spending countless hours online , and perhaps travelling to a variety of countries. You weren’t sure of what you wanted in a relationship.

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Online dating is a great way to meet people to share friendship and love. For some , making friends online is the best way to meet people. Making friends online for friendship is a great way to develop a strong bond; you can share opinions, ideas, and interests without any fear of judgement. You can also be able to have deeper conversations that might not be possible in a face-to- confront situation.

But what about when you’re ready to take the relationship to a more intimate level? Internet dating has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for dating. Online dating has made it possible to ‘buzz’ about potential dates and endanger date nights that are not a good idea. Dating online is becoming more popular due to the increased chance of meeting people. There are still risks involved when meeting online, but it has many benefits.

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A lot of dating sites let users view profiles and find out how they can be reached. This means that, before beginning the process of forming a relationship, there’s no need to call the members initially. They can decide whether or not they’d like to proceed with the meeting and , if then, where and when to proceed. No more nervous, shy or embarrassed people having to first break into conversation.

Online dating lets you create a profile that shows your personality as well as your interests and some of your personal characteristics as an individual. You can showcase the positive qualities that distinguish you from the rest of the people. It is important, however to ensure that you’re honest when you write your descriptions. Nothing is more embarrassing than meeting someone and then find that you have all the traits that are negative!

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Online dating websites let you search for hobbies, movies as well as other specific items. You can find sites that focus on that topic. An internet dating site with this type of filter will likely be the right one for you if you’re looking for someone who loves to watch films. You may have to pay an annual fee for membership, but this is usually tiny in comparison to the amount of time and effort spent searching for the perfect person on these sites. The majority of people love the simplicity of dating websites, however the fact that you need to pay for their services is rather irrelevant compared to the time that you’ll save.

Another benefit of dating websites online is that it enables people to keep their personal information private. This is crucial as many people’s careers are built on their appearances. Others will notice the first impressions they make. It isn’t easy to be honest about the way you look. There is so much negativity around it. Dating online allows you to be free of all the negativity and focus on the real you instead of focusing on what you are not.

Another reason to date online is the accessibility to online dating websites. This kind of relationship doesn’t require you to travel long distances or leave your home. Sign up for an account and connect with people who interest you. When you’ve got enough friends on the website,, you are able to search for a possible relationship. Online dating has become increasingly popular in recent years. This means that it is more convenient than ever to discover the perfect love companion of your dreams. Online dating is the ideal way to begin a new chapter.

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Το κομματι δεν θα βρισκεται στο CD που ετοιμαζεται.
Ειναι απλα λιγα λογια για 2-3 ατομα εκει εξω.


σκαω στην μαπα σας μπομπα
δεν σαρεσω,ελα ρε σωπα
παθιασμενος με το ραπ
σαν εθισμενος με κοκα
ζω την ζωη οπως γουσταρω
la vida loca
κι οσο κι αν κραζεις
δεν ξενερωνω μωρη σκροφα
καυλωμενος οπως παντα
κονε στην μπαντα
η φημη σας ισοι
με πουτανες σε πιατσα
στο πα δεν ξενερωνω
παντα θα σε αγχωνω
τωρα κοιταω μπροστα
ενω κοιτατε ποσοστα
κι επιτελους μαθε το σωστα
δεν κανω ραπ για να με μαθει
η γκομενα σου
ετσι κι αλλιως με ηξερε
πριν καν γινει δικια σου
κι ειμαι αντιθετα σε φλωρους
σε οσους παιζουν ρολους
αντιξοος γεννηθηκα
τραβα πεστο σε ολους
για χρημα στηνετε κωλους
στο γλυψιμο περνετε bonus
εχετε στιχους σαν ΤΟΝΟΥΣ
μα κλαιγεστε για το κοινο
σαν την νικολ νταφακ
που εκλαψε μπροστα σ’ολους

λες και θα με φανε
με κραζουν
μα την πλατη γυρναμε
μα ποτε δεν τολμανε
μα δεν με φτανουν
αστους να λυσσανε

κι υστερα το γυρνανε
δεν ξερουν
ουτε τι ζητανε
δεν θελουν μα
ψηλα πεταμε
απλα δεν μασαμε!!!

Γ.αμα τα
Α.υστηρα ολους τους κρινετε
Μ.α ειστε για κλαματα
Ι.δεαλιστες του κωλου
Ε.κφραζουνε και γνωμες
Τ.ραγικες ιδιες εικονες
Α.δυνατο οι σκεψεις σας σε ληθαργο
Ι.σως σας δουμε καποτε
Ο.ρχεις να βγαλετε
Τ.ο mic παντα στο ον
Ο.στοχος σας το συμφερον
Q.uick you have to change it
u.nder pressure you cant make it
Ε.ιρωνεια ταυτοχρονα τραγικο
Λ.εξεις να σχηματιζουν
εναν ανικανο
τερμα το δουλεμα
τερμα τα λογια
βαρεθηκα να βλεπω παντα
ενα ματσο πιονια
η δοξα εθιστικη
κι εσεις wanna be πρεζονια
πατε γαμιοντας μα πεταω
λετε πολλα μα απλα γελαω
και καπου εδω θα
το παιξω λιγο σεξυ
θα τονισω αλλιως
καθε μου λεξη
μπας και καποια εταιρια
τον δισκο μου παιξει ( boy )
σας φτυνει ο κοσμος
και λετε μπορει να βρεξει
μηνυσεις βλεπω να πεφτουν
μα απο ατακες ουτε λεξη
λες και κρυβεστε απο πισω
κι εσεις σαν τον αλεξη
δωστε του λιγη σημασια ρε
το παιδι θα ρεψει
rap κομητες
για εναν euro παραπανω
σιγουρα κανετε πιπες
πιτσιρικια ανεβηκαν
επειδη ητανε γλυφτες
η διαφορα σας με πουτανες?
ωραιο αυτο που ειπες
adversus το ονομα
αντιξοος το νοημα μπηκες?


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